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Healthy & Delicious

Our traditional Japanese Shabu Shabu hot pot in Honolulu Hawaii is healthy, hardy and satisfying.

At Shabu-shabu House we pride our self as a “Traditional” Shabu-shabu establishment.We specialize in a much healthier style of Shabu-shabu dining, relying on the natural tastes of the meats and vegetables to accent each other in the pot. Slightly improving and tweaking the original sauces, we have developed into a Shabu-shabu restaurant which is not only authentic and nostalgic but adventurous also. Adding Thai chili peppers to spice up our Shabu-shabu is a must try for those who have a craving for the “KARAI” stuff, and the “vegetarian set”, for those who do not eat meat.

Besides offering all different types of sides like KOBE beef, seafood, mushrooms and Baby Bok Choy that you can order, we also offer a nice wine and sake selection as well as desserts. We aim to please and satisfy so the next time you’d like to try unadulterated, traditional Shabu-shabu COME ON DOWN!!